Saeid Katal, President

Saeid Katal holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with the major on Artificial Intelligence and he also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics.

With years of experience in optimization, automation, control and instrumentation consulting and contracting Saeid joined Detection Logic Fire Protection, Inc. in February 2002, as Engineering Department Manager. Shortly thereafter, through Saeid’s compliment of technical skills Detection Logic began an exponential increase of market share in the Class A Office commercial high rise buildings market. In 2005 Saeid was promoted to the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President.  During this period Detection Logic began acquisition of other fire alarm companies.  Saeid’s duties included managing the centralized Engineering Department (which was providing full engineering services to three branches in California) as well as controlling the engineering services of the newly acquired companies out of state.

During the following years, Detection logic acquired more companies and became one of the fastest growing companies in the fire alarm industry. On January 5th, 2009 a week after finalization of the sale of Detection Logic, Saeid left Detection Logic to start his own Fire Alarm Company.

Saeid founded Digifier, Inc. in February 2009. With Saeid’s project management skills coupled with over 25 years of various fields of engineering experience, Digifier provides cost efficient services without any impact to the installation and services quality. Due to Saeid’s supervision of the company operations with an emphasis on quality assurance, Digifier is well known by the commercial high rise building owners and management companies within a very short time frame and became the sole fire alarm service provider to multiple high rise buildings in Los Angeles County.

The ultimate goal of Digifier, Inc. described by the founder as: “To achieve the highest level of fire life safety through training and quality control by implementing the most cost effective methods available”.


Azadeh Rahvarian, CEO

Azadeh Rahvarian has over 18 years of experience in providing engineering solutions for public and private sector clients facilities in the North America and overseas through various global Engineering companies. Azadeh is a registered engineer in the state of California and Nevada and British Columbia, Canada. Her profile includes management of projects large  to small  with successful quality work delivery.

Azadeh has extended her expertise to manage the operations at Digifier Inc. She is a systems thinker who is customer focused and  goal driven. She serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible in providing resources that lead to success and quality delivery of  services provided by Digifier. She assures team work quality and company stability through implementation of standards, controls, systems and procedures.

Azadeh’s main goal is to set strategies, vision and policies for Digifier and assure customers a smooth functioning and efficient company with excellent service.